Welcome to Cee’s State of Mind.

If you’re new to my website: welcome. If you came back for more: it’s nice to see you again!
My name is Clariva but I prefer to create under my initials ‘RCA’. Over 5 years ago I (impulsevily) started my blog in a way to share my poetry with the world. As time passed I began to also share other articles about whatever it was that was occupying my mind. Over the years I noticed that my interests changed, along with my actions and the way I view things.  As I went on I realized that CStateofmind as it was back around 2013 didn’t represent me in the way I wanted to any longer, so it was time for a change! Let’s call it… Cee’s State of Mind 2.0.

As I am still (and forever will be) on a journey to make it happen and to make it worthwhile, please allow me to tell you a little bit more about my platform. On this website I’ll share with you whatever it is that’s captivating my mind. As a 25 year old in today’s world there’s a lot going on that helps me become the woman I aim to be. Whether it’s in regards of my experiences as a Recruiter, a student working on earning her Bachelors or just being a Millenial trying to figure it all out and gaining new experiences. All of that (and more) is what I’ll be sharing with you on my blog.  I truly hope that sharing my experiences, insights and adventures will help, entertain or calm anyone who reads it and needs it.
Because at the end of the day we’re all just trying to ‘Make it happen, make it worthwhile’.